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    Our Process

    At Hibiscus Linens, we create truly artisan linens derived from centuries-old techniques and craftsmanship. Our fine linens are handmade with classic shapes in a wide range of fabrics for all styles and uses in the modern home. 

    Each design, thread, and fabric is carefully selected to create pieces worthy of heirlooms for you and your family or friends.

    With a quality that can only be accomplished by hand, we are bringing back the traditional techniques that make pieces invaluable, timeless, and truly unique.

    We put our name only on the finest of home linens. Our skilled craftsmen produce by hand the most exquisite pieces using techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

    Every linen is made by hand, stitch by stitch. Our process does not include the use of sewing or embroidery machines. From concept, to sketch, to fabric, to the final piece held in your hands—the quality of Hibiscus Linens are rare finds anywhere else in America.

    Establish a new family heirloom or provide a timeless gift to a special person in your life with Hibiscus Linens.