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    5 Things to Get the Hostess with the Mostess

    Hostess gifts are a Southern hospitality tradition that dates back generations. From a young age we are all taught to never show up empty handed when you are graciously invited into someone's home. Whether you're invited over for dinner, invited to stay the weekend, or someone has thrown a tea or shower in you or your daughter's honor, bringing a small home gift relays your gratitude in a very thoughtful way. 
    So what do you get a hostess with the mostess? In order to avoid any faux pas, we have rounded up 5 ideas that your hostess will be sure to love and be able to continue to share with guests in her home for years to come! 

    1. Hand Embroidered Hand Towel

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    Hand embroidery is a special and unique gift as it is, but added to fine linens that she can use to display in her kitchen or powder room is as special as it gets.

    Tip: Skip the wrapping and tie a hand towel around a bottle of wine for a beautifully presented two-in-one gift 

    2. Gift Set of Embroidered Cocktail Napkins 


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    What better way to say thank you to a hostess than to add to her hostess collection for future gatherings? She'll be able to serve her guests drinks with gorgeous hand embroidered cocktail napkins for years to come.

    3. Blockprint Tea Towel 


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    The chicest way to dry her hands & dishes or throw over her shoulder while cooking. Your hostess won't be embarrassed to leave this dish towel out! 

    4. Set of 4 Customized Cocktail Napkins


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    Personalized is always more special. Getting her initial hand stitched on a set of cocktail napkins will make her hostess collection all the more special. Summer special price- Get a set of 4 of the same color or mix and match! 

    5. Set of Cotton Hand Towels


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    A set of incredibly soft, neutral cotton hand towels for her kitchen or guest bathroom is the perfect touch to any hostess's home! If you don't know her style, neutrals are always a safe bet!