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    All About Subscriptions

    You may have noticed we rolled out the option to join us, @hibiscuslinens, on Instagram Subscriptions this year...but what are subscriptions and why should you join?

    Instagram's new feature called "Subscriptions" is a way for users to gain exclusive access to content from their favorite creators or accounts by paying a monthly fee. It's similar to subscribing to a magazine or a TV streaming service.
    When an Instagram account offers subscriptions, it means they have special content or perks that are only available to their subscribers. These could be things like behind-the-scenes photos, videos, tutorials, or exclusive updates. By subscribing, you're essentially showing support for the creator and getting access to this exclusive content.
    To subscribe to an account, you'll typically need to pay a monthly fee. The fee can vary depending on the creator and the content they offer. Once you've subscribed, you'll be able to see and enjoy the exclusive content they share with their subscribers. Our monthly membership is $9.99.
    Subscriptions on Instagram provide a way for creators to monetize their content and connect more closely with their most dedicated followers. It's a win-win situation where creators can provide extra value to their subscribers, and subscribers can access unique content they wouldn't find elsewhere.
    We have so much fun with in person embroidery classes in the Texan area, that this is a really cool way to bring them into the homes of everyone all over! And you will have access to all exclusive content so you can complete projects on your own time/refer back and forth.

    So what does subscribing to Hibiscus Linens on Instagram look like? 

     Every week you will get access to exclusive content such as...
    • A new, original, downloadable stitching pattern hand sketched by Mariana
    • Stitching technique tutorials/ Live stitch-alongs of the week's pattern where you can ask questions
    • Behind-the-scenes of the creative process, priority access to Mariana, and special announcements 
    • Access to a creative community of subscriber group chats to discuss the weekly stitch, ask questions, share tips with one another, discuss projects, and more! 

    Okay got it! Now how do I subscribe? 

    It's as easy as searching up our Instagram account @hibiscuslinens, where you will see a "Subscribe" button on our profile that you can click and sign up! 
    You will now have access to all Subscriber content we have ever made right at your fingertips to watch, save, and refer back to! 
    We can't wait to see you over on Instagram, and please feel free to message us anytime with questions!