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    The Process of Designing a Custom Hankie

    With peak wedding season upon us, we wanted to spotlight one of our most treasured custom items- the wedding hankie! Today we talk with team member Jackie Godbold to get more insights into the custom embroidered hankie process:

    What is your position at Hibiscus Linens?

    Haha-Head of Hankies!  Which really means I have the longest experience with custom orders.

    We always joke that we become “Hankie Nation” during wedding season with the amount of hankies we’re stitching. Can you walk us through the process of designing a custom hankie from inquiry to finished product?

    Hankie Nation, indeed!  Hankies are so very special.  For the process…

    1. Client reaches out to us with hankie request.  The more information included in that initial email the better.  Especially for those hankies with a quick turnaround!  Information we need: number of hankies and recipients, when they need to be received, text.  Text includes initials (fml) or monogram (fLm), title (Bride, Mother of the Groom, Maid of Honor, etc).  We can also include a meaningful quote, wedding date, or motif.  A motif is a simplified version of something meaningful to the recipient (golf, fishing, special flower, etc)
    2. Once we know what pieces we will be creating and the scope of the work, we generate and send the invoice.
    3. When the invoice is paid, we gather the hankies, sketch them, and pull threads.  We photograph them and email proof to the client for approval.
    4. Hankies get stitched, rinsed, ironed, and packaged in a gift box tied with ribbon, ready to be gifted.
    5. The process takes about 2 weeks from when the invoice is paid.  Occasionally we are able to rush certain orders for an additional fee.

    Are there any limitations to what a client can request on a custom hankie?(how many words/lines, colors, type of stitch, intricacy of design) 

    We can include virtually anything on a hankie.  The biggest limitation is usually budget.  Pricing depends on the hours it takes to stitch each hankie.  The more intricate the design, the longer it takes to stitch.  We are also very careful to not “overpower” the hankie.  Each hankie is a meaningful work of art.  Their beauty lies in their elegance and simplicity.

    What is your favorite custom hankie you’ve ever stitched?

    Oh, Gosh!  They are like my babies.  How am I to choose just one?!


    We would love to work with you to create the most special details of your wedding! You can find the custom hankie listing here or email us at to get started. 

    We also have a number of one-of-a-kind ready to ship hankies here if you're in a time crunch!