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    5 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Big Day

    Your wedding day should be as unique and special as you are. However, sometimes it feels like everything has been seen and done and you may feel like you're falling into a "generic wedding trend" rut. With the amount of hard work and planning you put into your big day, you deserve to feel like your wedding is your own. Ultimately, it's the small personalized details that make your wedding stand out because no one else has your story but you! But how do you incorporate your story into making your wedding your own? 

    Here are 5 ways to add personal touches to your big day:  

    1. Incorporate Bespoke Hand Embroidered Handkerchieves  

    Handkerchieves and weddings have always gone hand-in-hand, but there's a way to do it that feels elevated and personalized to you. 
    Wrapping a hand embroidered handkerchief around the bride's bouquet, as well as the mother of the bride and the maid of honor's bouquets, is a special way to create a memory and a cherished gift at the same time. Nothing says "thank you for everything" like gifting to each of the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom to soak up all the happy tears.
    A personalized message stitched to the man you loved first will be something you both remember and cherish for a lifetime. When speaking them aloud gets too hard, having the words forever stitched to dry dad's tears will do all the talking for you. 
    Last, surprise the man you are promising forever to with a personalized message for the day of the wedding. Anywhere from an "I love you so much," to a personalized inside joke, loving sentiment, or a simple but powerful "It was always you" will ready your future husband for the happy tears he's about to experience seeing you walk down the aisle towards him. 
    (You can find ready to ship handkerchieves here)

    2. Include a Custom Stitched Ring Pillow with Your Wedding Crest or Initials 

    A way to keep your wedding classic but fresh is by updating a traditional ring pillow. Taking your wedding crest that you already had made for invitations, or even just your initials and the flowers that you've picked out, and sending them to us to color match and hand stitch into a ring pillow is one of those small details that makes up and sets apart your entire wedding! The bespoke nature of the pillow also instantly becomes an heirloom you can save for your daughter to use one day as her "something borrowed" to pay tribute to her parents. 

    3. Create Personalized Linens as Place Settings or with your New Initial/Crest   

    For more intimate weddings, having your guests' names hand stitched into their napkins as place settings both makes your wedding stand out and becomes a treasured keepsake for your guests. 
    For smaller touches to your day that are just as meaningful, bespoke linens with your wedding crest, the bride and groom's initials, the couple's initial, or even just Mr. & Mrs. make a huge impact in elevating your wedding. 

    4. Add Embroidery to Family Heirlooms 

    Whether it's the tablecloth your parents used on their cake table or the handkerchief passed down from your great grandmother, a perfect way to make it your own (and check off your something borrowed, something blue) is by adding custom embroidery. Anything from your monogram and wedding date to a love letter from mom will become a cherished detail you won't be able to imagine your wedding without. 

    5. Customize your Dress, Veil, or His Suit with Hand Stitching

    If you really want to go above and beyond to make your day unique, adding hand stitching to your dress, his suit, or your veil will completely set you apart. Bringing in details from your invitations, flower arrangements, or color scheme creates a stunningly cohesive look to your day that will be unforgettable for you and your guests! 
    We would be honored to work with you to sketch and create any customized embroidery you're interested in incorporating into one of the most important days of your life! Thank you so much to all of our brides that have trusted us over the years to create the little details that make weddings so meaningful. 
    If you are interested in working together, please email