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    Custom Design

    For private clients and to the trade, Hibiscus Linens crafters combine expertise, creativity and years of experience to customize orders large and small. Whether selecting a special design, color or finishing, or fashioning a personal embroidery or monogram, Hibiscus Linens honors to be part of your legacy.

    Yours, all yours hand stitched monogramming services.

    Our pieces will last a lifetime or two so why not make a beautiful monogram worth of such a long life. Monogramming is a great way to make an item uniquely yours, or to make a gift extra-special. 

    For more bespoke personal embroidery our team can create a one off design based around your requirements and any specifications you may have. If you already have something special in mind, email us and we will contact you regarding your request and help create your ideas.

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    Custom Monogram Prices Starting at $22.50

     The excitement of making new and one-of-a-kind pieces for our clients is part of what makes us unique. Our artisan made linens draw upon centuries old handcraft traditions and are made to order.

    Custom Artisan Linens | Hibiscus Linens | Houston, Texas

    From handmade monograms to oversize tablecloths, once you share your vision with us we will be able to make it true! 

    Create your own one-of-a-kind design by choosing from our fabric types, fabric color, style of hemstitch, lace finish, and embroidery color.

    Please inquire about working with us to create your special piece at

     Custom Monogram Prices Starting at

    1" - 2" - $28.50

    3" - 5" - $48.00

    6" - 8" - $135.00

    9" - 11" $304.50

    12" - 16" - $448.50


    Christening Gowns stitched by hand: 

    First Name and date $70.00 
    Full name and numerical date $100.00 
    Full name and full christening date $130.00 



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