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    Why do I need a Wedding Day Handkerchief?

    Folk tales say that the tears of a bride are the most prosperous.  What better way to capture and hold these tears than with a bridal handkerchief.  A bridal hankie is an elegant accessory you’ll be proud to have on your wedding day to blot a tear or dab a sniffle.


    A bridal handkerchief can be personalized into a cherished keepsake with hand embroidery of the couples wedding date or monogram. A personalized hankie gifted from a mother to her bridal daughter is a cherished keepsake that will last long after your wedding ceremony.  Years after your wedding as you reach for your hankie you will remember the day you received it.  To some of our friends, our hankies become family heirlooms and are passed from mom to bride on their wedding day. For other customers, their bridal hankie is a tradition and a right of passage that they will use in their second line procession at their wedding reception.

    As an accessory, a bridal handkerchief also creates a great photo opportunity that we must mention. In addition to providing handkerchiefs to our bridal clients, wedding photographers frequently feature our handkerchiefs in photo shoots and bridal portraits to create unique perspectives.  Some of our favorite bridal images have been with the handkerchief nestled atop a family bible or among the ring sets. As you make your wedding list to-do’s we hope that we’ve inspired you to add a bridal hankie to your list.  We are always happy to answer questions about hankies.