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    Stitch Along 2021

    Our famous stitch along for 2021 has started and I am so proud that over 4,000 of you are already participating! As you know the Stitch Along we share on instagram is completely free and it gets shared daily on our instagram just go the IGTV section or follow this link 

    Some questions I get asked are: 

    1. This is my first time what materials do I need? We have created a "Starter Kit" with all my favorite stitching things you can get it here! 

    2. Love the stitch along and want to give back! What about a coffee? We have joined the buy me a coffee program. This way you can support our creative juices whenever you feel like it. You can buy me a coffee here! 

    3. What type of doodles will be covered in the next 364 days? Honestly I dont know, the goal is to create a little stitched doodle journal and people are commenting daily what they will like to see, so I will be stitching things that speak to me that day or grab an idea from peoples comments.