Hibiscus Linens is for those that are looking for an extra level of detail and customization for their events and tables that only handmade embroidery and monograms can provide. In doing so, founder Mariana Barran blends the past and contemporary design. At the heart of her products is our obsessive attention to quality and detail in both the fabrics and threads used, as well as the skill in which the final product comes to fruition.

Hibiscus Linens Modern 1

How you learned to do the edging details, learned to embroider? 

The all-girls Catholic Preparatory School I attended required that all students learn embroidery. Not everyone enjoyed the strict and regimented approach to the craft that the Sisters emphasized but I always felt “at home” with an embroidery needle in my hand. As I progressed and become more comfortable trying new things in the medium, I began to look to my grandmother’s extensive linen collection for inspiration. Later in life, my explorations led me to implementing my own designs.


How did you start your company? 

In early 2014 and shortly after relocating to Texas (from my hometown of Monterrey, Mexico), I founded Hibiscusupon realizing that the personalized, handmade linens, were not readily available. I channeled my inner resources and decided to take a leap of faith that there were others like me looking for such pieces. We take pride in producing the highest quality handmade textiles that blend traditional production methods with classic, timeless, designs appropriate for contemporary society. I am constantly working to bring new life into these classic methods and pieces.

How do make decisions on the your linen, threads & images you select?

I personally oversee the procurement of every fabric and thread we use. Every region of the globe has its own fabric tradition and I feel it is my duty to Hibiscus Linens and our clients to engage in a constant global search for the highest quality and unique handmade fabrics and threads. Every fabric I pick talks to me in a different way. The Belgian linens are classic and have a formal feel. Our custom Panamanian linen-cotton blends are beautiful and appropriate for every day use. My most recent find is a raw silk from a Parisian bridal atelier. We’ve incorporated the silk in my new, limited edition, baby gown collection.


Perhaps what makes me most proud is the level of quality of our Hibiscus Linens handmade monograms.  The monograms are entirely unique and, not only hand stitched, but also sketched by hand before my clients decide on a final proof. We strive to incorporate the personality of the end user in every handmade monogram.


Recently, Mariana worked on a custom designed set for Danielle. The pictures below show a step-by-step walkthrough of Mariana’s process: