One on One Mentorship Session

    45 minutes

    Learn the Art of Embroidery more in depth with a one-on-one Mentor Session with Owner & Textile Designer Mariana Barran.

    My one on one sessions can be done by phone or FaceTime. 

    You can choose the topic - anything from how I built my business, how I monetize my Instagram feed, growth tactics or we can just talk about your ideas and plans and try to build something from all your different passions.

    We'll have a one hour video call via FaceTime and once we finish you will have a couple of exercises to work on your own, depending on the topic of the call ~ and we can have as many conversations and as far in between as you want. For example, there are people who choose to do 2 or 3 sessions close together to get them going and then a "Business Check" every other week.

    Contact us at to see Mariana's Schedule.