11/11 Houston Embroidered Sweeter Class 2:00 - 4:00

11/11 Houston Embroidered Sweeter Class 2:00 - 4:00

$ 145.00

Cooler weather calls for warmer clothes and what better way to personalize your favorite sweeter or sweatshirt than with some hand embroidery of your own. 

Learn embroidery from a textile artist as Needlework Designer Mariana Barran Goodall is hosting her Signature Embroidery classes at her studio at 3229 Milam St Houston Tx 77006 

During this workshop, we will draw into a sweeter you will bring from home and sketch over it with the most popular stitches. After that we will accessorize our embroidery with sequins and little metallic beads. 

We’ve got everything you need right here, including over 230 color threads to choose from and a cute starter kit. However you need to bring your own cotton, cashmere or wool sweeter to stitch during the class 

Needlework Designer Mariana Barran Goodall's work combines a modern aesthetic with traditional textile and needlework techniques. The artist, a Mexican designer, is passionate about preserving old world stitching methods. This allows her to work through heritage textiles to reveal new insights in a very simple matter. She believes in the warmth and universal language that comes from a piece of art made completely by hand.  

Photo by Friend and Student Albertina Cisneros From Mimosa Lane Blog 

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