11/09 Mexican Otomi Quilt Squares 9:00 - 11:00

11/09 Mexican Otomi Quilt Squares 9:00 - 11:00

$ 45.00

We are ready to celebrate the International Quilt Festival in Houston and we look forward to host you at our Studio while you are in town!

Class will take place at our Studio: 3229 Milam St Houston,Tx ( 2.1 Miles - 10 minutes from George George R. Brown Convention Center) 

During this class, we will wonder at pre Hispanic embroidery techniques and the transformation they underwent with the introduction of European techniques and designs. We will stitch traditional Otomi Flowers in the color of your choice into raw cotton.

Materials to create 1 square are included. Extra patterns are available for $23.00 

This is a rare opportunity to learn this Otomi art form, there are only 1200 people around the world that master the technique and Mariana is one of them. 

Needlework Designer Mariana Barran Goodall's work combines a modern aesthetic with traditional textile and needlework techniques. The artist, a Mexican designer, is passionate about preserving old world stitching methods. This allows her to work through heritage textiles to reveal new insights in a very simple matter. She believes in the warmth and universal language that comes from a piece of art made completely by hand.  

We have 12 in stock.