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    08/27 6:00 - 8:00PM CST Complex Medallions Hand Embroidery via Zoom

    Level: Understanding of hand embroidery is needed to enjoy this class
    During this intensive 2 hour class, we will practice different timeless stitches to create a three-dimensional monogram. The 1st part of the class will focus on learning and practicing stitches. During the second part, we will start working on a long project for yourself.
    You can decide to attend this class by itself and we will email you the patterns or get the class + materials kit. 

    If you choose to buy the class and materials the items we will ship to you are:
    a hand towel , threads, practice cloth, hoop, needle, tracing marker and patterns, if you decide to just join the class make sure you have needle, thread and a tracing pencil near by. 

     Details for class log in will be emailed to you, and materials will ship to you ahead of the class time. 

    Needlework Designer Mariana Barran Goodall's work combines a modern aesthetic with traditional textile and needlework techniques. The artist, a Mexican designer, is passionate about preserving old world stitching methods. This allows her to work through heritage textiles to reveal new insights in a very simple matter. She believes in the warmth and universal language that comes from a piece of art made completely by hand.