04/04 Painting with a needle -6:00 - 8:30

04/04 Painting with a needle -6:00 - 8:30

$ 125.00

Also known as ‘painting with a needle’, this beautiful technique uses a number
of colors in cotton, skillfully blended together to create the natural appearance of a flower, fruit, plant or animal. 

This Back to Basics class you will give you an understanding of the principles of Silk Shading or painting with the needle.  This technique involves just one stitch – long and short –
During this class you will work a series of flowers or fruits to help you understand the essentials of long and short and giving you a chance to get to grips with this technique. 

Beginners are welcome.

The class kit will include everything you require to complete the project.

Class will take place at our new Studio: 3229 Milam St Houston,Tx 

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