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Small Business Saturday

Please Join us for a celebration of small business we will be open on Saturday November 25th from 10:00 - 3:00 pm Do all your gift shopping with us! We have something special for your love ones    

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Top Shelf  The Best Table in the House Yours.  Even as we slouch towards the casual at every turn, setting the table with one's own collection of linens, place cards, and now-obscure items like saltcellars is still a welcome gesture. Some of the tablecloths and napkins that fill the slim drawers here come from notable Italian and other European houses, but some are from American upstairs,making the case of seeking out the freshly made as well as the freshly pressed.  You can dress your table with our Invaluables Hibiscus Linens featured in Novembers, 2017 Town & Country following the links bellow:  Bella Cocktail Napkins Olive  Anna Cocktail Napkin French Blue  Blossom Brunch Cocktail Napkins         

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Why do I need a Wedding Day Handkerchief?

Folk tales say that the tears of a bride are the most prosperous.  What better way to capture and hold these tears than with a bridal handkerchief.  A bridal hankie is an elegant accessory you’ll be proud to have on your wedding day to blot a tear or dab a sniffle.   A bridal handkerchief can be personalized into a cherished keepsake with hand embroidery of the couples wedding date or monogram. A personalized hankie gifted from a mother to her bridal daughter is a cherished keepsake that will last long after your wedding ceremony.  Years after your wedding as you reach for your hankie you will remember the day you received it.  To some of our friends, our hankies...

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