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Feature Post on Staci Lynn blog

"Design with your heart, design for yourself, and you will attract genuine creative partners and clients that will trustfully like what you create." —Mariana Barran We were pleased to have our founder Mariana Barran interviewed today on the blog by graphic designer Staci Lynn.  Read the full interview and check out photos here!

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Hibiscus Linens founder Mariana Barran interviewed on Zuneras & Serena

“Shortly after relocating from my hometown of Monterrey, Mexico to Houston, Texas in early 2014 I founded Hibiscus Linens after I struggled to find the types of personalized textiles for my own home and events.” Our founder Mariana Barran was recently interviewed on the Zuneras & Serena - The Fashion Ninjas! blog.   Read the full interview to learn more about our company's beginnings and where some of our inspiration comes from. Pictures by Elisheva Golani Photography 

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