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    Hola to 2021

    Dear Friends, 

    I feel that during 2020 the name of the game was survival, keep the company going, keep the team together, make it though the storm. I know we still have a few months to go, but I feel very hopeful for 2021. As you might know we reopened our doors and we have a new Houston Studio inside Back Row Home so you can visit us in person any time. I listen to you all and learned that as much as you enjoy shopping you also love to learn on zoom and you have fun with me when I dabble into something outside linens. I have taken all of these in account to create the best year to date.

    Because of you, I am cheerful for 2021, I am happy to announce we will be having a year long stitch along, it will be your own very journal, where we all will be stitching together but you can stitch whatever you want, a little doodle that represents each day! More about it coming to my IGTV @hibiscuslinens on December 31th so you have time to get ready!

    So thank you for your patience while I grew as an artist and business owner during 2020, thank you for your support, for your amazing emails and for being there. I feel lucky to have such an amazing, and uplifting community and my commitment to you is to create more, create better, share beautiful things with you and together have a lot of fun! I also want to keep you posted so this new section "Journal" will be my weekly love letter to you. I look forward to show you what I am working on, something I found that I think is worth sharing and over all just a look inside everyday Hibiscus Linens. Consider this our Newsletter from now on.